Our school held its fourth Geography Bee sponsored by the National Geographic Society.  We completed the classroom Geography Bees Jan. 13th, 2015.  We had a wonderful time.  The student did an incredible job.  The results are as follows:

4th grade:  8 students participated

1st place – Jonathan Burtis

2nd place – Alex Jura

5th grade:  15 students participated

1st place – Emily Kiehnhoff

2nd place – Brad Boyd

6th grade:  12 students participated

1st place – Jordan King

2nd place – Jay Jura

7th grade:  10 students participated

1st place – Audrey Maggart

2nd place – Anna Carter

8th grade:  5 students participated

1st place – Jack Weil

2nd place – Asher Smith

After competing in our final round on Jan. 14th, 2015, the following students won in the overall completion.

First place – Jay Jura (6th grade)

Second place – Emily Kiehnhoff (5th grade)

Third place – Asher Smith (8th grade)

Ribbons will be presented to all of the first and second place classroom winners with trophies for the 1st -3rd place overall winners during a chapel in February.  All participants will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the year.