Register Your Team 2017-18

We are no longer accepting registrations as all divisions are currently full.  Thanks for being interested in the St. Joseph Christian Elementary Basketball League!

Waiver Form


Each player that participates in the St. Joseph Christian elementary basketball league must submit a waiver prior to being allowed to play.
  • Look for your team name and/or your coach's name.
    *Don't see your team? Have your coach contact Nicki Carlson.
  • If you are the guardian for multiple EBL athletes, please submit a separate form for each.
Film/Photo Restriction

If you want your child to remain anonymous, fill out this form.  Filling out this form will also mean that your child’s team will not be photographed of filmed and that your child’s stats will not be calculated.

EBL Film Restriction

For those who do not want their child's picture/motion picture to be taken.
  • What is the name of the child?
  • What is your name?
  • What team does the child play for?
  • Who is your child's coach?
    Examples of how the athletes’ images and names may be used (if this form is not submitted) include pictures/text on the league website, pictures/text on the league’s social media platforms (primarily Facebook at present), live streaming video, and video highlight films. Submitting this form will mean that your child's team will not be featured through highlight films, or live streaming broadcasts. Your child will also be excluded from published statistics.
Add Player

*Filling out this form does not mean an athlete will be added to the desired team.  This form lets EBL officials know who is wanting to join which team and starts a dialogue between the team and the league.

Elementary Basketball League Add Player

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