Elementary League Kicks Off

This week St. Joseph Christian will host its second annual elementary basketball league.  As administration continues to search for ways to increase the overall experience, several changes are worth noting.


The league has grown considerably since last year’s inaugural season.  With 36 teams set to tip off in 2015, an additional location has been added to handle the game overflow.  St. Francis Xavier School will host 5 games each week while the remaining 13 will take place in St. Joseph Christian High School’s gym.


In addition to posting updates on our league Facebook page, the St. Joseph Christian website will be utilized to store statistics, schedules, records, and media.  Archived copies of the weekly newsletter will also be available on the website.

All-Time Statistics

As stats are compiled over the ensuing weeks, athletes of this year’s league will be able to compare their performances to past competitors.  Players who played in previous leagues will have the opportunity to add to their legacies by accumulating stats that will continue to increase their all-time totals.  These all-time totals will be updated weekly and stored on the St. Joseph Christian website for those who want to see how they stack up against the league’s all-time greats.

Game of the Week

Each week there will be a game that will serve as the game of the week.  Highlights of this game will be shot from the sidelines and posted on both Facebook and the SJCS website.  The game of the week will also be featured in the newsletter.

We are excited for another great season of basketball, and would like to thank all league participants for choosing the St. Joseph Christian Elementary Basketball League!

2014-2015 League Results

Week 9 League Standings