Games of the Week

It is our intention to stream at least one game each week on Facebook Live.  We are new at this, but expect to have some quality broadcasts by the end of the season.  To see which game will be broadcast each week, look for the game that is labeled “Game of the Week” on the schedule page.  We try to pick competitive games between teams at the top of their divisions that take place at St. Joseph Christian, but sometimes a game is chosen because it fits the schedule of our volunteers.  We look forward to broadcasting as many teams as possible this season!

Boys and Girls Upper Divisions Championships

Boys Lower Division Championship

Girls Lower Division Championship

Week 6 Game of the Week

Week 5 Game of the Week

Week 4 Game of the Week

Week 3 Game of the Week

Week 3 Bonus Coverage: Hoopsters vs Tropics Overtime

Week 2 Game of the Week

Week 1 Game of the Week