SJCS believes that school is three-faceted through academics, arts, and athletics. These three facets must be based on a Biblical philosophy and weave with the mission and purpose.

The mission and purpose of SJCS is to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed in order to impact the community for Christ. SJCS strives to utilize this approach in academics and athletics, but what about the fine arts?

There is no doubt that students that leave SJCS must be adept in the visual and performing fine arts. Why? I suppose it would be easy to explain the use of academics in the future in order to impact our community for Christ. It may also be feasible to explain how students can glorify God through physical exercise and endurance of athletics. However, SJCS understands that students are able to impact our future Christian organizations and churches through the visual and performing arts.

SJCS believes that Christian schools must emphasize the arts in order to equip students with speech, art, music, band, and performance to better serve in churches in the future. Churches are desperate for choir members, performers for Easter Cantatas and Christmas plays, worship team members able to sing and play instruments, and those with ability to portray Christ through visual art.

If Christian schools do not produce future choir members, worship team members, special music, musicians, performers, and artists, then who will? SJCS strives to invoke passion for the fine arts in their students. The fine arts is a priority in accomplishing the mission and purpose at SJCS.

A man’s gift makes room for him,
and brings him before great men.

[Proverbs 18:16]