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The below form is to be filled out by the head coach or on behalf of the head coach.

SJCS FFL Registration

  • If the team's athletes do not come primarily from a single school, enter "multiple."
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    Enter your entire team roster. Click the plus sign (+) to add the next player. Please indicate youth (Y) or adult (A) with shirt and shorts sizing. Numbers will run from 1 to the maximum number of players on your team. So, with a roster of 9 players, players will choose from numbers 1-9 to put on their jerseys. Please have a first desired number and a secondary number. If there is no preference for numbers on your team, you may indicate that as well. To make future roster additions, simply fill the form out an additional time with the same info, but adding only the names of the additional player(s).
    Checks can be made payable to St. Joseph Christian School. Deliver or mail to: 5401 Gene Field Rd St. Joseph, MO 64507
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