Local Scholarships


Rotary District Grant Scholar Program  assist with costs for study abroad programs for undergraduate and graduate college students. Questions should be directed to Sherri Hahn, shahnsi@aol.com

St Joseph Retired Teachers Association – scholarship for education majors entering their junior or senior year of college. Submit college transcript, biography, and two letters of recommendation. See guidance office for details.


Missouri Western State University General Scholarship Application

Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri  – select ScholarLink to apply for scholarships.

Dates are based on best information available – students should always verify deadlines.

past due Newman Mic-O-Say Oct. 15 – for an active Camp Geiger Tribesman of Mic-O-Say.

past due Cotillion for Achievement Oct.2 to counselor – Cotillion Application 2017-2018 – based on achievements as well as extracurricular activities and community participation exhibiting high moral standards.

past due Grace (William & Ann) Foundation Scholarship Nov. 15 – provides individual scholarships directly to students based on merit and/or need.

past due Show-Me Chapter Soil and Water Conservation Society Dec. 1 – students interested in conservation write an essay on an assigned topic.

past due Conservation Foundation of Missouri Natural Resource Scholarships Dec. 1 – assist students in five areas of natural resource management: fisheries, forestry, wildlife, parks and recreation and soil and water conservation.

past due Golden Griffon Scholarship Feb 1 – 27 ACT, 3.5 GPA, and a strong record of leadership and service.

past due St. Joseph Optimist Club – International Oratorical Contest Feb – students under the age of 19 on Dec. 31 will speak their minds about a topic. The deadline is for turning speeches in to the guidance office or language arts teacher. The speech contest will be held in Feb.

past due St. Joseph Optimist Club – International Essay Contest Feb 8 – students under the age of 19 on Dec. 31 submit an essay. The deadline is for turning speeches in to the guidance office or you may contact the local sponsoring club for details.

past due Tip Top Tux March 1 – scholarships, worth $500 and $5,000, are for students who have applied for admission – essay and references required.

past due South Side Business Women’s Scholarship March 1 – 3.0 GPA and financial need. Cover letter and transcript required. Turn in to the guidance office.

past due Rotary Scholarship Application March 1 to guidance office – $1,000 scholarship to student at SJCS based on financial need and academic performance (in that order). The applicant should demonstrate qualities of leadership, initiative, enthusiasm, adaptability, maturity, and seriousness of purpose.

past due Hirsch Scholarship March 1 – available to a city of St. Joseph student with extreme financial need. Must apply through St. Joseph School District. Turn in to the guidance office.

past due Varner Scholarship March 1 – available to a St. Joseph student with a 2.5 GPA or higher with a composite ACT score of 20 or higher and has some financial need. Turn in to the guidance office.

past due SJCS PTF Scholarship March 15 – $500 to seniors based on (1) leading a quality Christian life with regard to leadership, character, and community service;  and (2) demonstrate academic responsibility and achievement.  Applicants must have at least a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale.  The student must have fulfilled three full years of attendance at SJCS (senior year may be included). PTF Scholarship Pastor Reference – Teacher/Staff Reference – Non-Relative Reference Save & Exit

past due MFA Foundation Scholarship March 15 to guidance office – $2,000 to student furthering education by engaging in studies related to agriculture or rural life. Candidates must have good citizenship, moral character, willingness to work, and financial need.

past due Cecile Steven Scholarship March 15 – resident of Andrew or Buchanan County with 2.5 GPA (trade school) 3.0 GPA (college or university); ACT score of 18 or higher and extreme financial need.

past due Hubert Campbell Scholarship March – pursuing a career in engineering, medicine, mathematics or science education.

past due Natalie Thompson-Clizer Memorial Scholarship April 1 – assist a needy Andrew County resident to continue their professional development in college – preference to a humanitarian course of study and those enrolling at MWSU.

past due Northwest Missouri Financial Women Scholarship April 1 – female graduating high school seniors in Andrew, Buchanan, DeKalb, Holt and other surrounding counties. 3.0 GPA and be pursuing a degree in business or finance.

past due East Side Lions Club Scholarship April 1 – must attend Missouri Western State University and demonstrate leadership, good academics, love of country, and an attitude of service. Application available in the guidance office.

past due Pony Express Business Women’s Scholarship April 15 – candidate in good academic standing seeking a business or professional career.

Lillie Lois Ford Scholarship April 20 – must have attended a full session of Boys/Girls State of Missouri or a full session of the Cadet Patrol Academy. Other American Legion scholarships also availabl e.

Buchanan County Farm Bureau Scholarship April – residence in Buchanan County and student’s parent must have been a member of the BC Farm Bureau for at least two years. Students should be pursuing a degree in agriculture-related field. See guidance office for application.

Ray Alburn Memorial Scholarship Fund May 26 – pursuing higher education in music or music education.

William Tobin King June 1 – reside in Andrew or Buchanan counties and demonstrate financial need, or student not receiving many scholarships. Turn in to guidance office. School activities/volunteer work, special recognition or honors, employment experience, and leisure activities are encouraged as a appendix to the application.

Heartland Foundation Health Care Scholarships begin April 1 – submission deadline July 1 (unless noted otherwise)