High School Curriculum

God is the source of all truth. Man’s wisdom and knowledge come from God’s
wisdom and understanding. SJCS students are discovering what God has
foreordained. SJCS uses curriculum (most of which is written from a
Christian perspective) that is compatible with biblical teachings. SJCS is
divided by grade level, and certified teachers provide instruction in each
classroom. SJCS fully meets the State of Missouri professional development
criteria for teacher re-certification.One way SJCS analyzes the
effectiveness of the curriculum is by examining standardized test score
results. The curriculum committee, the principal, and teachers review the
test results each year and note areas where improvements can be made.
Special attention is paid to the curricular area that will next be addressed
on the curriculum review cycle. In addition, the curriculum committee
examines state and national standards that have been developed in that
curriculum area, as well as previews other school’s curriculum guides to see
if content, methods, etc. need to be adjusted.

Secondary Grading Scale

Percentage Letter Grade Regular GPA* Weighted GPA**
100 A+ 4.000 5.000 Accelerated work level
96-99 A 4.000 5.000 Mastering all concepts and working above grade level
90-95 A- 3.900 4.900
87-89 B+ 3.700 4.700 Has mastered grade level skills
83-86 B 3.300 4.300 Student has completed required work
80-82 B- 3.000 4.000
77-79 C+ 2.700 3.700 Is progressing at grade level
73-76 C 2.300 3.300
70-72 C- 2.000 3.000 Student is still working to master skills
67-69 D+ 1.700 1.700 Having difficulty with grade level skills
63-66 D 1.300 1.300 Student is working below 70% accuracy on a
consistent basis
60-62 D- 1.000 1.000
59 F 0.000 0.000 Is progressing at an unsatisfactory or inadequate skill level
0 I 0.000 0.000 Incomplete work

*Non-Weighted GPA: Determined using a 4.0
**Weighted GPA: GPA’s for weighted classes
are determined using a 5.0 scale.
Students’ report cards reflect quarterly, semester, and cumulative GPAs.
A home school transfer student must complete two semesters at SJCS before a
cumulative GPA will be calculated.

Additional Secondary Grading Information

Academic Awards

The following academic honors are awarded at the end of the school year
and are tabulated using semester grades:
(A home school transfer student must attend SJCS two semesters to be
considered for academic honors.)

  • Principal’s honor roll – 4.0 GPA
    Students received all As (or Bs in honor courses)
  • High honor roll – 3.90-3.99 GPA
    Students received nothing below a B- (80%) or one C- (70%) in honors
  • Honor roll- 3.50-3.89 GPA
    Student may receive one grade between 70%–79%. A student with two grades
    in or below this range is not eligible for honor roll
  • High Honor Roll Pin
    Awarded to students who maintain honor roll level GPA all four quarters
    of the school year.

Grading for Suspended Students

A student who is in ISS (in-school suspension) will receive 75% credit
for homework assigned and completed while in ISS; 90% credit for
A student who is in OSS (out-of-school suspension) will receive 50% credit
for homework assigned and completed while in OSS; 85% credit for

Academic Probation

A student whose semester grades fall below a cumulative GPA of 2.0 will
be placed on academic probation until his/her grades improve. Should the
student fail to bring his/her grades above a 2.0 GPA by the end of the
following semester, s/he may be removed from the school’s enrollment as
determined by the administration. In accordance with MSHSAA guidelines,
students on academic probation may not participate in extra curricular
Additionally, the administration may initiate academic probation for a
student whose GPA falls below 2.0 in a core subject (Bible, Science, Math,
History, English).

Transcript requests

Withdrawing student – Tuition and fees must be paid to
date and the Withdrawal Record form completed through the admissions office
before records and transcripts will be released.

Official High School Transcript – Juniors and seniors
applying to colleges may request a transcript of their grades by completing
the Transcript Request Form (available in the counselor’s office).

Transferring grades

Grades for students entering SJCS will be transferred as follows:

Home school students – Transfer grades (core courses)
from home school students with an outside grading transcript from the
student’s home school organization (i.e. ABeka books) will be accepted for
grade points.
Transfer grades without an outside transcript (or elective courses) will be
reviewed by the administration when submitted with appropriate parental
documentation. These grades may be approved for general course credit and to
meet graduation requirements, but will not be counted toward GPA.
Accredited schools – Grades from accredited schools will be
transferred to the SJCS grading scale by first using percentages, when
available. If percentages are not available, the letter grade will be
accepted and the “middle” percentage of the grade range will be assigned (B+
= 88% = 3.8 grade point for example).

Course selection/assignments

In the spring, the guidance counselor meets with classes and individuals to share
information and discuss course options. Incoming freshmen meet with the
counselor to discuss a Learning Plan of courses they wish to take over their
high school years. The counselor meets with each high school student again,
each spring to be sure they are “on track” for graduation.
Course assignments determined before the end of May and posted in Go.Edustar
in mid-August. Students who wish to
request adjustments in their course schedules may do so the week before school starts.

Dropping/Adding a course

The counselor may give approval for a student to add/drop a course
anytime before the end of the first two weeks of a semester. The student
must then complete an Add/Drop Slip (available in the counselor’s

  • The Add/Drop Slip must be signed by a parent, the teachers involved,
    and approved by the school counselor.
  • The student must remain in the original course until notified of
    approval by the counselor.
  • Students are responsible to make up any assignments they have missed
    by joining a course late.

Weighted courses

Anatomy, Physics, Chemistry I, Chemistry II, College Algebra,
Trigonometry, AP Calculus, Spanish III, IV (when offered) and College Online
courses are categorized as weighted classes.

Homework policy

Homework is a vital component of instruction at SJCS and contributes to
the development of student responsibility and independence. It is designed
primarily to reinforce and practice regular class instruction. Second,
reading assignments and other types of preparation homework are given to
prepare students for future lessons or concepts. Less frequently, homework
projects are assigned to enrich and extend regular course work and enhance
individual creativity.
Homework begins in kindergarten with parent-child reading assignments and
increases steadily through high school, when one to two hours of homework
per night can be expected. St. Joseph Christian School considers it
essential for parents to establish a regular time and place for their
student to complete homework. It is critical for students to have a quiet
environment where they can learn to concentrate and use time effectively.
Time spent on homework may vary from student to student. However, if your
student begins to spend unusual amounts of time on homework each night or
claims to never have assignments, please contact his or her teacher.

Make up work

Pre-arranged absence – Upon administrative approval of a
student’s request for a pre-arranged absence (see Attendance section) s/he
may request homework from teachers, which is to be completed before the
student leaves, or presented to the teacher upon the student’s return.
Unexpected absence (illness) – Parents may request make up
work for their student by contacting the school office by 9AM
the day of the absence. Teachers will then send work to the office for
parents to pick up later in the day. Students are permitted one additional
day (for each day they are absent) beyond the assigned due date to complete
make up work .
Special arrangements for a student with a prolonged illness may be made at
the discretion of the principal.

When absent for any reason, THE STUDENT is responsible for
securing assignments from his/her teachers.

Late work

At minimum, students who submit homework after the assigned due date will
receive the following reduced credit (Individual teachers may have more
stringent policies.):

  • 1 day late – 75% credit
  • 2 days late – 50% credit
  • 3 days late – 25% credit
  • 4 days or later – 0 credit

Report Cards

Go.Edustar Parents Online

Effective communication is a key indicator of a successful school. At
SJCS we believe that open and clear communication between school and home is
vital to the success of our educational program. Go.Edustar Parents Online
allows parents online access to view student grades, attendance records, and
personal information.

General Information

Parents Online Access Request Forms (located on the school website) must
be signed and returned to either school office before access is granted.
Parents may check grades at any time; the date when the finalized quarterly
report card may be viewed will be announced each quarter. Teachers use
different grading techniques and policies. Please check with the teacher if
you are unsure of the grading policy for a specific class. Some assignments
and/or categories may be weighted differently than others. Therefore, simple
arithmetic average of grades may not reflect your student’s actual grade.
Parent Online access is available to every legal parent/guardian of a
student enrolled at St. Joseph Christian School.
Parents/guardians will not share their passwords with anyone. Each legal
parent/guardian may set up his/her own secure account. Note: Your student
(5th and 6th grades only) has been trained on Go.Edustar and will have
his/her own account and secure password.
Students’ records for preschool, kindergarten, and first grades are not
online and have no plans to do so at this time. Kindergarten and first grade
students’ parents must check directly with teachers regarding achievement

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Whom should I contact if I have a
question about my student’s grades, attendance, schedule, etc?

1. Your student’s teachers. Teachers email contact info is available on the
school web site at www.stjosephchristian.com, or the school buzz book.
2. For general attendance questions and questions related to absences
requested by parents/guardians, please refer to your Parent/Student
Handbook. If you still have questions, you may contact the school office.

Question: Do all teachers post grade and
attendance information to Parents Online?

No. Pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade do not post grades, and some
teachers (mainly primary grades) may choose to simply post the average from
their traditional grade books.

Question: How often can I expect grades to be

Generally, daily grades are updated within a week from the time the
assignment was due. However, special projects may take longer. Grade reports
are typically posted within the week after the close of the quarter or
semester. End of the year report cards/transcripts are finalized no later
than the end of June. Parents will be notified by email when grades have
been posted and are ready for viewing.

Question: What is required to connect to the
Parents Online?

Users need the following to connect:

  1. a computer with a connection to the internet
  2. an updated web browser: IE 8.0, Firefox 1.07 or later, Safari
  3. a login ID and password

Question: What can I see on the Parents
Online/Students Online site?

Parents and students (each using their own secure login) can access the
following information on the Parents Online:

  1. grades for current classes, as well as the assignments that make up
    those grades
  2. attendance summary
  3. student information
  4. immunizations
  5. class schedule
  6. unofficial transcript

Most of the information may be printed at home utilizing the print

Question: Can other people see my
son’s/daughter’s grades?

No. As long as you protect your ID and password, others will not be able to
see your student’s information.

Question: What do I do if forget my login
information or my password or my ID has been compromised?

Contact the instructional technology director. Security features in
Parents/Students Online will allow only three mistyped attempts to log in.
At that point, the account is locked and will require the I.T. director to
unlock the account and assign a different password.

Question: How does one get a Parents Online login
and password?

Complete the Parents Online Application form and bring it to the either
office. You will receive email confirmation when your account has been

Question: I know that teachers sometimes weight
different categories of grades. How does this affect how a grade is

Some teachers calculate grades by total points and others use categories
such as tests, quizzes, and/or daily work to organize and give different
weights to grades; how teachers weight grades is an individual decision. To
understand a specific grade calculation, please contact the individual

Question: How often can I expect attendance to be

Attendance is updated daily. Unexcused absences may take a few extra days to
be updated (if changed to excused), depending on the number of absences,
promptness of the parent excuse note, and/or day of the week.

Here’s how you can begin via the internet viewing your student’s

  1. Complete the

    Parents Online Application Form
    and turn it in to either school
  2. You will receive an email from Go.Edu that will ask you to click on
    a link. If you do not receive this email, check in your spam for it;
    some have gone to spam. Click on the link, and it will take you to the
    login screen. This is all you have to do in this step.
    Do not try to login in yet; this step is only to
    activate your account. Close out of this screen.
  3. Go to the St. Joseph Christian School website:
    www.stjosephchristian.com and click on the “Parents Online” button on
    the right side bottom of the home page (again, see below). Your login
    name will be your email address, and the password should be the birth
    date of your oldest child attending St. Joseph Christian School.
    Carefully type in your log in information.

***Due to security measures, you will be allowed
only three unsuccessful attempts to log in before your account is locked.
You will then need to contact the instructional technology director and
request that your account be unlocked and have a new password issued.


Final Exams

Final exams are given at the end of each semester.

  • Seventh grade exams comprise one-ninth of the semester grade.
  • Eighth grade exams comprise one-seventh of the semester grade.
  • Ninth through twelfth grade exams comprise one-fifth of the semester


  • Juniors who achieve a 100% (A+) average for the third and fourth
    quarters of any class are exempt from taking finals in that class.
  • Seniors are exempt from taking second semester finals.

Pre-Arranged absences are not approved during finals. A student who
requests an exception to this policy, if approved by the administration:

  • will take their finals on a day to be determined by the
  • will be charged $10 per course test for the proctor.
  • will receive only 75% credit.

Standardized testing

All students in grades kindergarten through eleven take the standardized
tests (ACSI testing program) in the spring. This ACSI testing program uses
the TerraNova 3 InView Complete Battery.