Personal Finance

Personal Finance Course (Grade 12) – teaches the components of income and managing finances through planning while equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to make sound financialdecisions for life.

Course Overview

Assignment Calendar (best viewed in Mozilla Firefox)

Budget Template (Excel spreadsheet)

EveryDollar Budget App from Ramsey Solutions, basic version free

Foundations U – Interactive tools, teen articles, and real-world activities.

Dave Ramsey Show – Audio Archives

Practical Money Skills for Life – is an online resource for educators, parents and students focused on financial literacy and education

Money Talks – provides teens guides and activities in financial management.

What’s Up in Finance? – Games and information on careers from the Educational Broadcasting Corp.

The Mint for Teens – Try the Buy It or Not? or Spending Challenge.

Photos for Class – search for properly attributed Creative Common photos for school projects.

TouchTyping Course – TypeOnline