Personal Finance Course

1 Semester – 1/2 Credit, graduation REQUIREMENT

Description: teaches the components of income and managing finances through planning while equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to make sound financial decisions for life. (Acts 17:11 – Blue Letter Bible)

Topics – Units:

  1. Goals– Financial Decisions
  2. Income– Making Money
  3. Spending– Consumer Skills
  4. Budgeting– Managing Resources
  5. Credit– Banking and Borrowing
  6. Security– Saving, Investing, and Insurance
  7. Giving– Sharing Generously

Assessment: Assignments, reflections, discussions, projects, and presentations will be used to demonstrate learning. Students will complete activities that aid in personal finance literacy.

A course schedule will be posted on the guidance web site.

Students can earn five participation points most class periods. Credit may be made up due to an excused absence.

Quizzes will be given upon completion of each unit. An End-of-Course Test will be given and comprised from these quizzes. Students who have a 90% or better semester average are exempt from this test.

Each unit will have memory verses. Students may practice during the short, focused touch-typing practice at the beginning of class.

“Points Earned” divided by “Points Available” will determine a student’s average.  The Grading Scale is in the student handbook. Late work is accepted at 75% (1 day late) and 50% (2 days late). Missing work due to an excusable absence should be made up as soon as possible (up to 3 days). Work must be turned in BEFORE an excused absence due to a school activity.

Materials:  Handouts and worksheets will be distributed to assist students with projects.  Each will be provided a 1.5-inch, 3-ring binder to store material and create a portfolio of work.

Resources:  Foundations in Personal Finance (Dave Ramsey), Missouri Career Education, and NEFE High School Financial Planning Program

Online activities

Guest speakers: professionals involved in finance

Behavior Expectations: Be Prompt – Be Prepared – Be Productive – Be Polite