For years, St. Joseph Christian School had a seal, but no logo. Coach Mark Juhl arrived in 1999 to start a football program and it didn’t take him long to come to the conclusion that his new (read used) helmets needed something on them. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, Coach Juhl decided a basic Lion silhouette similar to a professional football team’s logo would be good enough. In 2002 the school adopted an official school logo that incorporated the football lion, a cross, and a large letter “C.”  Still, the athletic teams continued the tradition of sporting the simple red lion that had appeared on helmets and jerseys since the turn of the century.  Superintendent Dr. Jason Tindol arrived on the scene in 2014. He knew he wanted something a bit different in the logo department, but put that on the back burner as he focused on enrollment growth and programs.  Finally, in 2016, St. Joseph Christian revealed its new school logo, athletics logo, and school seal.  The new logos incorporated the designs of the past, but added a level of detailed flair that was lacking in previous iterations.  For the first time since 1999, St. Joseph Christian’s football team sported a new logo when they ran out onto the field for their first game.

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