I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:17

Elementary Athletics

Academic Activities

Students participate in a variety of academic activities as part of SJCS’s class and extra curricular program. These may include Science Fair, Mathletics, Spelling Bee, Chess Club, etc.

Athletic Activities

At this time, the SJCS elementary extra-curricular athletic program consists of basketball for 4th through 6th grade students, which is overseen by the athletic director.

The mission of SJCS youth basketball is to develop and promote the game of basketball through Christian teaching and example. Students in the program learn the importance of teamwork, improve physical fitness, learn the importance of sportsmanship, and develop fundamental skills.


Fourth through sixth grade students are eligible to play in the city recreational league. A third grader is not eligible to play on an older team. Any student that is eligible can play on an older team, but no student can play on a younger team. No student should play on an older team unless that team needs players. If there are enough players for two teams to be formed in a grade level, the coaches may do so.

All players will be required to read the elementary athletic handbook and return a contract (signed by both the athlete and his/her parents) as well as all fees to their coach before the season begins. Athletes who have not returned their paperwork may be ineligible to play until they do so, at the athletic director’s discretion.

**Home school students may participate with a team if that team needs more players and if the home schooler is a former SJCS student or if their sibling attends SJCS. A home school student not associated with the school may participate when more players are needed to form a team.


SJCS charges elementary basketball players an athletic fee of $20.00. Uniforms will be provided. Players must wear gym shoes (not street shoes) for practice in the gym.

The St. Joseph Parks & Recreation Department charges each team a league fee. The coach will divide this fee by the number of players and collect that amount from each player.

Players will submit all fees to their coach with their signed contract before they may play.

Practice/ Games

Teams may begin practice during the third Monday of October. December and January are when regular season games take place. League tournaments take place in February. Games are held on Saturday. The athletic director will communicate with coaches regarding gym usage.

Head/Assistant Coaches

The athletic director will hold a pre-season meeting with coaches to review guidelines for the program.

Coaches must be Christians who realize the importance of setting a godly example before their team. Each coach must sign a code of conduct prior to coaching a team for SJCS.

A coach is responsible for the actions of his/her players and must remove a player from a game if s/he displays poor sportsmanship.

A coach who is removed from a game will:

  • meet with the athletic director and elementary principal.
  • be suspended from team practices and games for a period of two weeks.
  • join the athletic director for a team meeting for the purpose of explaining what happened and restoring the coach to the team.

Playing time

During the first three quarters of St. Joseph Recreational League games, players will get equal playing time. Coaches determine playing time for students during the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter guideline also applies during tournament games.


Each school sponsored team may play in five tournaments including the SJCS tournament. Any tournament entry fees will be divided among the players.
Because we desire to honor the Sabbath, school sponsored teams may not play on Sundays before 1 PM. Should a coach find that his team has been scheduled for a tournament play on Sunday prior to 1 PM, the team will forfeit that game.
Out of consideration for players who attend church activities, coaches are encouraged to avoid Wednesday evening tournament games.
St. Joseph Christian hosts an elementary basketball tournament, under the direction of the athletic director. Dates for the tournament will be announced at the coaches’ meeting.

Parent/ Student Conduct

It is vital that our entire program glorify the Lord. If non-Christians see Christians making a scene or not enjoying the game, they are certainly not going to see a difference in us and we aren’t making a difference in others’ lives. We desire to see our program as a seed planting opportunity in those with whom we come in contact. Each parent/athlete must sign a code of conduct before their child may participate in games.

Problems/ Concerns

At SJCS, we strive to deal with problems and concerns in a Christ-like manner. The appropriate steps for addressing problems/ concerns are:

  1. Talk with coach privately and in a controlled manner. Please refrain from sharing your concern with other players or parents.
  2. If necessary, then speak with the athletic director.
  3. If necessary, then talk with the principal.

Athletic pictures

Sometime in January, the school will arrange an after school time for elementary athletic pictures. Individual and team pictures are made available. Picture order packets are sent home a few days before. All athletes and coaches are encouraged to be present for the team picture even if they do not wish to purchase any pictures.