Basketball Schedule 2018-19
Date Opponent Loc. Teams Time
11/17 Lion Jamboree H VG, VB 10am-3pm
11/20 DeKalb A JVG,JVB,VG,VB 5,6,7,8:30pm
11/26-12/1 Mound City Invtl. A VG, VB TBA
12/4 LeBlond H VG, VB 6, 7:30pm
12/6 KC Lutheran A JVG,JVB,VG,VB 5,6,7,8:30pm
12/11 King City A JVG,JVB,VG,VB 5,6,7,8:30pm
12/14 Worth County H
12/17 Lathrop A VG, VB 6, 7:30pm
12/20 Pattonsburg H JVB(1/2),VG,VB 5:30, 6, 7:30pm
12/27-29 LeBlond Chrstms. Invtnl. A VG, VB TBA
1/4 Stanberry A JVB(1/2),VG,VB 5:30,6,7:30pm
1/7-12 Fairfax Invtnl. A VG, VB TBA
1/15 Braymer H VG, VB 6,7:30pm
1/18 Albany H VG, VB 6,7:30pm
1/25 Miami A JVB(1/2), VG, VB 5:30,6,7:30pm
1/29 North Andrew A JVB(1/2),VG,VB 5:30,6,7:30pm
2/1 Polo H JVB(1/2),VG,VB 5:30,6,7:30pm
2/5 West Nodaway A JVB(1/2),VG,VB 5:30,6,7:30pm
2/9 GRC Crossover (S.Harrison) A VG, VB TBA
2/14 E Buchanan (Sr. Night) H VG, VB 6, 7:30pm
2/18-23 Dist. 16 Tournament TBA VG, VB TBA
*Live Broadcast
Basketball Schedule 2017-18
Date Opponent Vars. Where
11/18 Jamboree TBA
11/21 DeKalb 7:00* HOME
11/27-12/2 PVI Tourn. TBA
PVI 11/27 DeKalb 7:00  Away
 12/5 LeBlond 6:00 Away
12/12 King City 6:30* HOME
12/15 Worth County 6:00 Away
12/18 Lathrop 6:00* HOME
12/19 North Platte 6:00 Away
12/28-30 LeBlond Tourn. TBA
1/2 Pattonsburg 6:00 Away
1/5 Stanberry 6:00* HOME
1/8-13 Fairfax Tourn. TBA
1/16 Braymer 6:00 Away
1/19 Albany 6:00 Away
1/23 Winston 6:00 Away
1/30 North Andrew 6:00* HOME
2/2 GRC Crossover 6:00* HOME
2/6 West Nodaway 6:00* HOME
2/9 Polo 6:00 Away
2/13 Lutheran 6:00 Away
2/16 East Buchanan 6:00 Away
12/19-24 Districts TBA
*Live Broadcast
Basketball Schedule 2016-17
Date Opposing Team Girls Home/Away
11/19 Preseason Scrimmage 11:00 a.m. HOME
11/22 DeKalb 6:00 Away
11/28-12/2 PVI Tournament TBA TBA
 12/5 Rock Port 6:00 Away
 12/10 Doniphan West 5:00 Away
12/13 King City 6:00 Away
12/14 Lathrop JV Tournament TBA Away
12/15 Bishop LeBlond 6:00 HOME
12/16 Worth County 6:00 HOME
12/17 Lathrop JV Tournament TBA Away
1/3 Pattonsburg 6:00 HOME
1/6 Stanberry 6:00 Away
1/9-14 Fairfax Tournament TBA TBA
1/19 Worth County 6:00 HOME
1/17 Braymer 6:00 HOME
1/20 Albany 6:00 HOME
1/24 Winston 6:00 HOME
1/27 Veritas 6:00 HOME
1/30 North Andrew 6:00 Away
2/2 GRC East Team TBA TBA
2/3 GRC East Team TBA TBA TBA
2/7 West Nodaway 6:00 Away
2/9 Polo 6:00 HOME
2/16 Northland Christian 6:30 HOME
2/17 East Buchanan 6:00 HOME
2/20 – 2/24 Districts TBA TBA
2/28-3/3 Sectionals TBA TBA
3/9 State Final Four TBA TBA
3/11 State Final TBA TBA

Head Coach: 2017-Present

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Coach Patrick Bio

Coach Erin Patrick begins his first year at SJCS in 2017.  In 15 seasons as a head basketball Coach Patrick has 229 career victories, 2 state championships, 4 District Championships and 6 Regional Championships.  Coach Patrick has been named Coach of the Year 5 times as a basketball coach.

Coach Patrick’s coaching philosophy is to build a team culture built on honesty, integrity and excellence in all that the team sets out to accomplish based on Proverbs 22:29. As a developer of talent Coach Patrick has had 8 girls sign basketball scholarships to play college basketball, with 4 recognized as national All-Americans; one at the NCAA division 1 level.

Program History

Though SJCS girls basketball has been in existence since the school began in 1988, it wasn’t until the 7th SJCS girls basketball coach took over that the program really took off.  Coach Danny Maggart heard about St. Joseph Christian through his brother-in-law, Jeff Robertson.  Initially the school asked Maggart to lead the cheer program for the 1997-98 school year.  Though willing to do whatever the school needed, Coach Maggart was relieved to discover that the incoming girls basketball coach was more than happy to trade responsibilities.  In his first year, Maggart’s team won only 6 games.  By 2004 the SJCS Lady Lions had won 4 district championships and appeared in 3 state “final four” tournaments at the class 1 and class 2 levels.  Danny Maggart retired from coaching in 2010 just as another great crop of athletes was about to bloom.  Coach David Johnson took charge of the program for the next two years and won 2 more district titles.  From 2000 to 2012, the St. Joseph Christian girls basketball program was 216-73.  In 2015, St. Joseph Christian had too few players to even field a team without joining forces with Bishop LeBlond.  Coach Erin Patrick has been tasked with returning SJCS to its former glory as another group of talented young ladies are currently rising through the ranks at SJCS.