This is a great league to get in if you enjoy competition, the kids love it. Jerry Sanders

Elementary Sports is focused on providing a prime-time atmosphere in the 3rd – 6th grades for the community, coaches, fans, and players.  Since Christ is the forefront of all we do at SJCS, SJCS seeks to implement excellence in our elementary sports program.  Excellence in our elementary sports program includes full stats on every player, dynamic announcer for every game, starting line-ups, game music, official Missouri certified referees, college gameday uniforms, and full picture updates on twitter and facebook every week.  In addition every game is recorded and may be purchased at any time.

Elementary Sports serves as a feeder program for our middle and high school programs.  Our sports program seeks to prepare young elementary students in the fundamentals, competition, and enjoyment aspects of sports.  Our coaches strive to prepare their athletes for the next grade in elementary, middle school, and eventually, high school.  The elementary sports program coaches implement the general strategies of the middle school programs and on to the high school programs.  The goal for our elementary, middle, and high school programs is to link toward a common goal of fundamentals, competition, and enjoyment of sports.

Elementary Sports serves as an outlet for our community.  The elementary sports league consists of SJCS teams, but also a great number of community teams.  The SJCS elementary sports program provides an outlet for the community to be tied to youth sports done the right way.   The community also receives the benefit of a prime-time atmosphere in the 3rd – 6th grades.  Are you interested in elementary sports?  Are you interested in your child attending a school with a growing elementary sports program?  Are you interested in sports taking place that honors Christ and exemplifies excellence?  Check us out on our facebook page at SJCS elementary sports.

Dr. Jason Tindol  Ed. S.


St. Joseph Christian School