Families new to SJCS

Welcome to SJCS! We realize you have choices for the future education of your child(ren) and consider it an honor that you have been led to pursue a closer look at SJCS! It is our pleasure to help you through your first steps here. Below are details on our enrollment process. Parents enrolling students for the first time should contact the Director of Admissions, Cyndi King with any questions. kingc@sjcs.k12.mo.us or 816-279-1555 x510.

Enrollment Process:

  • Complete and return to the attention of Cyndi King:

    – New Student Application (one per child)

    – Parent Meet and Greet form

    – Pastor’s Recommendation form

  • In addition, for secondary students only (7th-12th) please complete and return:

    – New Secondary Student Form (one per student)

    – Youth Pastor’s Recommendation form

  • Submit birth certificate(s) and immunization record(s). These may be brought to the Parent Meet & Greet.

  • A Parent Meet & Greet with principal or administrator will be setup. (Secondary student(s) requested to accompany parents)

  • After Meet & Greet, the Admissions Office will cover next steps: student testing if determined, FACTS tuition account setup, remaining enrollment forms given.

  • Complete and return remaining enrollment forms by due date.

Returning families

  • Will receive a re-enrollment email from FACTS in December for the upcoming new school year.
  • Complete FACTS re-enrollment process, re-enrollment fee to be paid through FACTS account.  Specific dates apply for early-bird rates.
  • Be certain outstanding accounts are paid in full.
  • If tuition assistance is determined needed, apply through your FACTS online account.  The due date for tuition assistance is April 15.
  • Receive re-enrollment paperwork in spring, complete and return by due date.

Enrollment Policies

  • Application (new student) and re-enrollment fees are non-refundable.

  • In addition to the student (grades 7-12), at least one parent of the student must be a Christian (born-again disciple), who is actively involved in a local evangelical church (attending 3 to 4 times per month) and evidencing Christ-like character in his/her lifestyle. All enrolling parent(s) must agree with and sign the Statement of Faith document and must understand and agree that enrollment at St. Joseph Christian School is dependent on students and parental support of the school, its staff, and its policies.

  • A copy of the birth certificate and an official up-to-date immunization record must be presented to the development office and recorded in the new student’s file before enrollment can be completed.

  • Tuition is an annual cost broken down into twelve equal monthly payments (June-May) for parent’s convenience, however a variety of payment options are available through FACTS.

  • The school’s insurance policy is secondary to the parents’ personal insurance policy; consequently, it will pay an amount towards those costs not already covered.

  • If students withdraw or transfer to another school, student records and transcripts will be forwarded to the new school when tuition and fees are paid according to terms in the financial contract and when textbooks are returned.

Late Payment Policy:

  • All accounts must be current by the first day of school in order for a child to begin the school year at St. Joseph Christian. In the event an account becomes past due during the school year, the following policy will take effect:

    – Payments not made within ten days of the due date will be assessed a $5.00 late charge, if paid by the end of the month.

    – When a payment is not made within 30 days, the account will be assessed an additional $20.00 late fee.

    – At 30 days past due, a written and signed payment plan to bring the account current must be established between the parent(s) and the finance manager in conjunction with the finance committee chairperson.

    – At 60 days past due, the child(ren) will not be permitted to return to school until the account is made current and an agreement for future payments is established.

    – If an account is not up to date by the end of the third quarter, the child(ren) will be dismissed from school. After March 1st, all accounts must be paid within 10 days of the due date or the child(ren) will be dismissed from school.

If an account is consistently past due, the SJCS board reserves the right to require pre-payment of tuition. All unpaid account will be sent to collections.


Bad Check Policy

In the event that a check is presented to SJCS and is returned insufficient by the bank on two occasions during a given school year, all future payments to the school will be required to be paid by cashier’s check, money order, or cash. The SJCS board reserves the right to submit the check to the prosecuting attorney for collection. All fees involved in collecting the outstanding funds will be paid by the signer(s) on the account.

All fees are subject to yearly changes. Parents may contact the Admissions Office for a current fee schedule.

Parent/Principal Meet & Greet

The intent of the parent/principal meet and greet is to examine spiritual/academic areas relating to the student and his/her family and to establish a clear understanding of how the parents, students, and school work together in the training and learning process. It is essential that parents understand and clearly support the philosophy of SJCS, the policies and procedures of the school, and the accountability of parents to God for the training of their child(ren).

Withdrawal from School

Tuition and fees must be paid to date and the Withdrawal Record form completed through the Admissions Office before records and transcripts will be released.

Cyndi King, Admissions

Jason Tindol, Superintendent

Elementary Office
5401 Gene Field Road
St. Joseph, MO 64506
(816) 279.1555

High School Office
5401B Gene Field Road
St. Joseph, MO 64506
(816) 279.3760