“Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can you make it salty again? Have salt among yourselves, and be at peace with each other.”

Mark 9:50

Hello, My name is Danny Maggart and I am the secondary principal at St. Joseph Christian School. It is my goal to give students maximum opportunity to grow academically and spiritually and prepare them to impact their world for Christ now and when they graduate. Our secondary program offers classes that not only challenge students academically, and with small class sizes, but with their faith as well by our biblically based curriculum, chapel services, small groups, service days, missions week, and our 4 twelve discipleship program. High school students also attend a worldview, leadership, or missions conference off campus each year. St. Joseph Christian provides a full time guidance counselor that works with students and their families with every aspect of their life including career fields, scholarships, and overall college readiness. We are also a member of the Missouri State High School Activities Association, this means that we get to compete with public schools in all activities such as athletics, scholar bowl, and music. Surveys given to our students indicate their favorite thing about St. Joseph Christian are the adults, friends, and the Christian atmosphere. I would love to talk with you if you have further questions about the secondary program. Click here to schedule a tour or to visit with our Admissions department.



God is the source of all truth. Man’s wisdom and knowledge come from God’s wisdom and understanding. SJCS students are discovering what God has foreordained. SJCS uses curriculum (most of which is written from a Christian perspective) that is compatible with biblical teachings. SJCS is divided by grade level, and certified teachers provide instruction in each classroom. SJCS fully meets the State of Missouri professional development criteria for teacher re-certification.

One way SJCS analyzes the effectiveness of the curriculum is by examining standardized test score results. The curriculum committee, the principal, and teachers review the test results each year and note areas where improvements can be made. Special attention is paid to the curricular area that will next be addressed on the curriculum review cycle. In addition, the curriculum committee examines state and national standards that have been developed in that curriculum area, as well as previews other school’s curriculum guides to see if content, methods, etc. need to be adjusted.

A pastor once told us that 90% of raising your kids is who they hang out with. We KNOW the families our kids are hanging out with. We KNOW that for the most part their values and beliefs match with ours. In the 7th Grade our middle son lost his left eye in a fireworks accident. It was devastating. He was the quarterback of the football team and had to redefine WHO he was. The school rallied around us and shouldered so much that it really eased the burden of having to walk through such a trial. Two years later our house burned. It was pretty humbling to NEED so much again so soon, but the SJCS Families blew us away again by the outpouring of love and support and again helped us walk through such a trial.

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Academic Awards

The following academic honors are awarded at the end of the school year and are tabulated using semester grades:
(A home school transfer student must attend SJCS two semesters to be considered for academic honors.)

  • Principal’s honor roll – 4.0 GPA
    Students received all As (or Bs in honor courses)
  • High honor roll – 3.90-3.99 GPA
    Students received nothing below a B- (80%) or one C- (70%) in honors courses
  • Honor roll- 3.50-3.89 GPA
    Student may receive one grade between 70%–79%. A student with two grades in or below this range is not eligible for honor roll
  • High Honor Roll Pin
    Awarded to students who maintain honor roll level GPA all four quarters of the school year.

Academic Modifications Program

The Academic Modifications Program (AMP) was developed to assist students with the demanding academic challenges of St. Joseph Christian School. It is to be used for Discovery Program students and other SJCS students with learning difficulties as demonstrated by standardized test scores and/or identified by teachers and must be approved by the administration.

Grading for Suspended Students

A student who is in ISS (in-school suspension) will receive 75% credit for homework assigned and completed while in ISS; 90% credit for quizzes/tests.
A student who is in OSS (out-of-school suspension) will receive 50% credit for homework assigned and completed while in OSS; 85% credit for quizes/tests.

Academic Probation

A student whose semester grades fall below a cumulative GPA of 2.0 will be placed on academic probation until his/her grades improve. Should the student fail to bring his/her grades above a 2.0 GPA by the end of the following semester, s/he may be removed from the school’s enrollment as determined by the administration. In accordance with MSHSAA guidelines, students on academic probation may not participate in extra curricular activities.
Additionally, the administration may initiate academic probation for a student whose GPA falls below 2.0 in a core subject (Bible, Science, Math, History, English).

Transcript requests

Withdrawing student – Tuition and fees must be paid to date and the Withdrawal Record form completed through the admissions office before records and transcripts will be released.

Official High School Transcript – Juniors and seniors applying to colleges may request a transcript of their grades by completing the Transcript Request Form (available in the counselor’s office).

Transferring grades

Grades for students entering SJCS will be transferred as follows:

Home school students – Transfer grades (core courses) from home school students with an outside grading transcript from the student’s home school organization (i.e. ABeka books) will be accepted for grade points.
Transfer grades without an outside transcript (or elective courses) will be reviewed by the administration when submitted with appropriate parental documentation. These grades may be approved for general course credit and to meet graduation requirements, but will not be counted toward GPA.
Accredited schools – Grades from accredited schools will be transferred to the SJCS grading scale by first using percentages, when available. If percentages are not available, the letter grade will be accepted and the “middle” percentage of the grade range will be assigned (B+ = 88% = 3.8 grade point for example).

In the spring, the school counselor issues a course selection catalog to each family. Students and parents are encouraged to carefully read and consider which courses a student wishes to request (some courses are required). The counselor meets with classes and individuals to share information and discuss course options. Incoming freshmen meet with the counselor to discuss a “rough draft” of courses they wish to take over their high school years. The counselor meets with each high school student again, each spring to be sure they are “on track” for graduation.


Course assignments are mailed to students mid-August. Students who wish to request adjustments in their course schedules may do so at registration, which is held just before school starts.

Dropping/Adding a course

The counselor may give approval for a student to add/drop a course anytime before the end of the first two weeks of a semester. The student must then complete an Add/Drop Slip (available in the counselor’s office).

  • The Add/Drop Slip must be signed by a parent, the teachers involved, and approved by the school counselor.
  • The student must remain in the original course until notified of approval by the counselor.
  • Students are responsible to make up any assignments they have missed by joining a course late.

Weighted courses

Anatomy, Physics, Chemistry I, Chemistry II, College Algebra, Trigonometry, AP Calculus, Spanish III, IV (when offered), Accounting II, and French III, IV (when offered) are categorized as weighted classes.

Homework is a vital component of instruction at SJCS and contributes to the development of student responsibility and independence. It is designed primarily to reinforce and practice regular class instruction. Second, reading assignments and other types of preparation homework are given to prepare students for future lessons or concepts. Less frequently, homework projects are assigned to enrich and extend regular course work and enhance individual creativity.
Homework begins in kindergarten with parent-child reading assignments and increases steadily through high school, when one to two hours of homework per night can be expected. St. Joseph Christian School considers it essential for parents to establish a regular time and place for their student to complete homework. It is critical for students to have a quiet environment where they can learn to concentrate and use time effectively.
Time spent on homework may vary from student to student. However, if your student begins to spend unusual amounts of time on homework each night or claims to never have assignments, please contact his or her teacher.

Make up work

Pre-arranged absence – Upon administrative approval of a student’s request for a pre-arranged absence (see Attendance section) s/he may request homework from teachers, which is to be completed before the student leaves, or presented to the teacher upon the student’s return.
Unexpected absence (illness) – Parents may request make up work for their student by contacting the school office by 9AM the day of the absence. Teachers will then send work to the office for parents to pick up later in the day. Students are permitted one additional day (for each day they are absent) beyond the assigned due date to complete make up work .
Special arrangements for a student with a prolonged illness may be made at the discretion of the principal.

When absent for any reason, THE STUDENT is responsible for securing assignments from his/her teachers.

Late work

At minimum, students who submit homework after the assigned due date will receive the following reduced credit (Individual teachers may have more stringent policies.):

  • 1 day late – 75% credit
  • 2 days late – 50% credit
  • 3 days late – 25% credit
  • 4 days or later – 0 credit

Go.Edustar Parents Online

Effective communication is a key indicator of a successful school. At SJCS we believe that open and clear communication between school and home is vital to the success of our educational program. Go.Edustar Parents Online allows parents online access to view student grades, attendance records, and personal information.

General Information

Parents Online Access Request Forms (located on the school website) must be signed and returned to either school office before access is granted.
Parents may check grades at any time; the date when the finalized quarterly report card may be viewed will be announced each quarter. Teachers use different grading techniques and policies. Please check with the teacher if you are unsure of the grading policy for a specific class. Some assignments and/or categories may be weighted differently than others. Therefore, simple arithmetic average of grades may not reflect your student’s actual grade.
Parent Online access is available to every legal parent/guardian of a student enrolled at St. Joseph Christian School.
Parents/guardians will not share their passwords with anyone. Each legal parent/guardian may set up his/her own secure account. Note: Your student (5th and 6th grades only) has been trained on Go.Edustar and will have his/her own account and secure password.
Students’ records for preschool, kindergarten, and first grades are not online and have no plans to do so at this time. Kindergarten and first grade students’ parents must check directly with teachers regarding achievement information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Final Exams

Final exams are given at the end of each semester.

  • Seventh grade exams comprise one-ninth of the semester grade.
  • Eighth grade exams comprise one-seventh of the semester grade.
  • Ninth through twelfth grade exams comprise one-fifth of the semester grade.


  • Juniors who achieve a 100% (A+) average for the third and fourth quarters of any class are exempt from taking finals in that class.
  • Seniors are exempt from taking second semester finals.

Pre-Arranged absences are not approved during finals. A student who requests an exception to this policy, if approved by the administration:

  • will take their finals on a day to be determined by the administration.
  • will be charged $10 per course test for the proctor.
  • will receive only 75% credit.

Standardized testing

All students in grades kindergarten through eleven take the standardized tests (ACSI testing program) in the spring. This ACSI testing program uses the TerraNova 3 InView Complete Battery.