abc  ——-   June 26, 2014 Dear Students and Parents, I want every student and parent to know how excited I am about being named the superintendent of St. Joseph Christian School (SJCS).  Please, if you have a moment, do not hesitate to arrange a time to meet with me this summer before the school year resumes.  I am looking forward to serving the Lord and continuing His mighty work at SJCS. As summer continues, take these moments to enjoy time with your family.  Parents, treasure these days with your children and plan opportunities to make lasting, enjoyable impressions on their lives by way of planned activities such as a day trip, vacation, mini-get-away, or various other opportunities.  It seems as if it was just a few weeks ago we brought my daughter home from the hospital as a new born child.  Now to think she will be attending college in a few short years helps me realize how quickly time goes by in our busy lives. Summer is fun!  Enjoy your family in a purposeful way. The theme for SJCS in the upcoming school year will be, “Love one Another” as found in John 13:35.  Our goal is to train students to love others as Christ would love others.  Christian education is of utmost importance.  Christian schools must contain faculty and staff who are able to assist the home and the church in proclaiming the reason for academics, arts, and athletics.  The reason is to glorify Christ.  Here at SJCS, we do not strive to train students academically, artistically, or athletically for their own glory, but rather for God’s glory.  Additionally, our hope is that students will truly seek to promote Christ with the skill sets they are equipped with at SJCS.  This year the SJCS theme, “Love one Another” will allow us to promote Christ by focusing on one of His best qualities, love. Have you thought about promoting SJCS to another family?  Please, be bold about stating the reason SJCS exists.  SJCS exists to equip students with knowledge and skills necessary to impact their world for Christ.  Our purpose for the 2014-2015 school year is to assist families and churches in accomplishing the important task of training students to “Love one Another” so they will be known as His disciples, as stated in John 13:35. Thank you for the opportunity you have given me and the faculty to work with your student(s).  Please plan to frequently pray for SJCS.  Satan would love for struggle to set in this summer for your family and for SJCS.  Purposefully pray for God’s hand on our community, school, and your family.  Have a great summer!   Promoting Christ, Jason Tindol Ed. D., Ed. S. Superintendent, St. Joseph Christian School

Jason Tindol, Superintendent

Cyndi King, Admissions

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